Marking Mijo Kovačić’s seventy-fifth birthday and the sixtieth anniversary of his artistic work, the Foundation which bears his name opened the Mijo Kovačić Art Gallery on 26 February 2011 in the belief that it will thereby permanently preserve a great part of the artist’s output and, thus, make it accessible to the public. Kovačić has created and preserved his works for more than half a century, and one of his permanent motives has been the wish to let his work become and remain part of the Croatian cultural heritage.

The Fondation has organized, with pride and the feeling of gratitude to Mijo Kovačić, an exhibition from the permanent layout from the holdings of the Gallery, presenting part of the work of this great Croatian naïve artist.

Artist in front of the Gallery In particular, we would like to thank Prof. Igor Zidić, President of Matica Hrvatska, and Tonko Maroević, member of the Croatian Academy of Arts and Sciences, for their evaluations and precious help in the meaningful realization of this demanding Foundation project.

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